JEQ in the house, pushing the wooden door. Sitting on the bench, feeling the aroma smell. Greeted by warm and friendly smile, comfortable be yourself. Drinking, biting, talking like sitting in lovely house. That is the feeling i have for that moment i in there. Small and cozy full with wonderful ambitious peoples operating it.


Soft Shell Crab Creamy Spaghetti

Been stunned for a while. The aroma smell of the curry leaves steal my stare toward it when it placed on the table. Once i fork out the smooth springy spaghetti to my mouth, it taste darn good. Not creamy, just nice. If you like the Chinese butter kamheong taste, you will like this. I bet you, you will definitely like this.


JEQ’s Salmon Caesar Salad

Salad in the house. No wow factor. just normal salad. Fresh vege, cashew nut, cherries tomatoes, dried bacons, bread and dressing.


Mixed Vegetable Pot Pie

This is another wonderful yummy dish. Good job. Once you break down the puff, heat flying out, the smell touched my appetite. Dip the puff into the creamy soup, gone missing inside my tummy. Hehe. The cream soup has potato, carrot and celery. Must order.

Location: 19, Jalan 17/45, Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya

Author: piepieapple

Round round potato couldn't live without food. Without food around, life is nothing for me...

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