This restaurant is build in a small fishing village beside a river. Located: Bagan Sungai Yu, Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor You can see many boats and fisherman. A very beautiful scenarist. Eating here, appetite also grow bigger~~

Ikan bakar, signature dish – Never get enough with the special sauce. When u dip the white freshie fish into the sauce and put in your mouth.. At that second, the sour taste spread around the mouth and the spicy just nice~~

Kong Pow Mantis Prawn – crispy prawn stir with sweet sticky sauce. The flour tat used is soft and suitable for senior citizen.

Sweet and sour crabs comes together with fried mantou. The white freshie meat, really trigger my saliva.

Curry leaf crab – the taste for this just so-so only. If you like the taste of curry, you may like it, who knows. Can give it a try yo~

Fried garlic vegetable – The most simple dish always is the most delicious dish. Why I said so? Because you can taste the “wok”. It’s hard to find this type of taste. Only those experience chef who can manage the fire when fried vegetable. Thumb up!

Assam steamed fish – I not really like this dish. The sour taste not strong enough. Spicy not spicy. Not suggested.

Fried squid – nothing special. Just a normal dish. Suitable if you are chatting and holding drink on your hand.

Beautiful sunset taken from the restaurant. Hmm, really beautiful~~