Nyonya cuisine!! I’m so hunger for nyonya food. This round I decided to visit this stall located behind the jonker street. 

Look at the chilies dip and jenjaluk sauce! I really do believe that my eyes can taste it! Really saliva flow up. Hahaha 

Our starter plate! Otak – otak and ngoh niang roll. The otak – otak texture is good but I prefer I still can see fish meat inside. Not all blended. The roll is my first time eat. It’s different from Penang type. Quite unique. 

Asam fish!! Sour and little bit of spicy. Fresh fish stew with vegetables. Most important is the asam sauce!! Remember to mix with your rice. Yummy πŸ˜‹ 

Lemak nenas prawn! Slurp slurp. Triggering my saliva again! πŸ˜† The prawns are fresh and big. This sauce is another rice killer! You never enough rice with it. Remember to take the fresh sweet pineapple and dip it with the chillies! The feeling indescribable.😝

Sambal squid. Hmm.. This not spicy enough for me. Other than the freshness of the squid. Nothing to shout of.

Chicken buah keluak – oh this is my time eat this dish too. The boss demonstrate to us how to eat that big nut. Yes, the big black round item u see, it’s a nut. It taste similar like black bean but with an unique taste. Highly recommended πŸ‘β€‹

This is the way to eat buah keluak 

Ayam ponteh – another type of nyonya  style of chicken that you must order. It give you a warm memory of those young time eating mama cook dish. Potato stewed till soft and absorbed chicken essence and gravy. Warm feeling eating it. Highly recommended. 

Best dessert ever in this super hot city. The sweetness is just nice and still have the fragrant of the gula melaka. Generous with the amount of Cendol and red bean. Super delicious. Thumb up for themπŸ‘πŸ‘