Vietnam cuisine is always my choice for light, delicious food. The raw vegetable, crunchy nuts, sweet sour chili sauce, cold, hot dishes. Wrap with paper rice or fresh vegetable. Mmmm.. yummy and healthy. Hue-style Rice Cake (“Banh Beo”) + Spring & Summer Rolls Combo – Dip with the light sour sweet chili and peanut sauce. Yummy~~ Mixed Grill Platter (“Banh Hoi” a House Speciality) – wrap with the paper roll. Lot lot of fresh veg!! Nice!!Style Noodles Grilled Lemongrass Chicken & Lamb – No oil at all. It taste nice and easy to digest. Rice vermicelli with Grilled Chicken & Imperial Roll Rice vermicelli with Grilled prawn & Imperial Roll Style Noodles Grilled Lemongrass Fish (mildly spicy) Traditional Beef Noodle (“Pho Bo”)Seafood Congee – treasure pot. Have shrimp, lotus seed, cuttle fish, mushroom, fish fillet. Like a baby congee. So smooth. I love this type of congee. Luckily did not dissapointed me. Highly recommended =) Plum in Soda (House Speciality) – Unique taste. Blend well with sour, salty taste. Worth to try it.

 Lemongrass Ginger Tea  – For those who have lot of air in the body, Drink on your own risk. Hee..

Mint Spritzer (fresh mint with soda) – Not much people can accept this taste. It has a very fresh green smell but very refreshing.

Conclusion, for those who want to detox but don’t lke vegarian food, Vietnam food is your best choice. Less salt, Oil-less,  lot lot lot of fresh vegetable, grill less fried. The satisfaction is great.