Super Big Don House @ PJ Uptown

Oh yeah, the house is not big but the rice is big portion and compact into a small bowl. So it do look like too overloaded. 😂  They will provide empty plate for you to transfer big items food. Then, you can mixed the rice with the small ingredients. 

Lobster Sashimi Don – big portion of fish roe. Generous of salmon pieces. Crab meat hide under the shell, lobster meat fire with cheese on top and filled with big portion of rice. Not forgotten the crunchy of cucumber and pickles. The most expensive and unique is the fish meat on top of the shell! 

Pork Don Tower 😱😱😱 incredible tallll! The pork is cut into small thin slices. Soft and tasty. I love the rice mixed with egg and truffle sauce. Super delicious 😋

Unagi Don – The fish is so delicious!! The thickness, the softness, the taste.. All is so perfect! I love this! Especially the sauce mix with rice. Super delicious!!! 👍👍👍

Salmon Don – The photo tell itself. The ingredients is so fresh and the chef is so  generous with the portion. Even though the price is slightly higher but it’s worth it! Thumb up to the chef. 👍

Fried cheese – please serve hot!! Pulling out from the bite is darn interesting! Can have a pulling cheese out game. Who is the longest! 😂😂😂


There was so many restaurant in this mall and i get attracted by this large wooden shelve at the entrance. The menu is put on the shelve. So i flip the menu and i get attracted by the menu photo. No need to further said, i’m already get myself a table. I love the staff here. Their service here is excellent. ^0^

2017-09-11-12-52-02Red kettle dutch baby – It’s another version of big breakfast. It consist of homemade sausage, sunny egg, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, salad and 1 slice of bread. The only different is this serve in a hot pan and based with something taste like bread pudding. It’s soft and taste bit sweet and have egg aroma. Something unique. The homemade sausage is delicious.

2017-09-11-12-50-15Cajun prawn pork burger – This is a funny dish with just a 2 tiny prawn on top of bacon =_=’ It doesn’t make any different. Better just pork burger without the prawn or maybe the prawn as side dish with the salad. Nevertheless, the pork patty did bring up some light to the course. Soft and juicy patty. I quite like it.

2017-09-11-12-53-10Baby Lobster angel hair – It make me think twice, am I eating aglio olio? It taste almost 90% same except this have baby lobster. It taste so-so. Nothing to shout of.

2017-09-11-12-54-14Red kettle special – It’s a vietnamese coffee. For me, it taste bitter. Very strong caffeine. The foam on top, it taste like maltose. Smooth, sweet and creamy. In the menu, it mention it contain egg. I guess that’s the reason its special. When blend together, it made the drink perfect.