Out of nowhere, it appear a brand new mall situated beside the federal highway. You can easily reach the mall via LRT. There’s a link bridge from University station to the mall. Tovista is located at the LG where you can exit to the outdoor garden.

2017-07-22-18-01-41We started of our meal with a warm¬†pumpkin soup. From the photo itself, you can see that thickness of the soup and it is creamy. It’s totally rich with fresh pumpkin. I never thought of , i will like this soup so much. Luckily i had made the right choice ordering it. Double thumb up =)

2017-07-22-18-15-45OMG, this another highlight of the day. Cajun Chicken salad.¬†Wow, i really love the tenderness of the chicken. It’s soft and springy and crunchy and tasty!! The vegetables they use is fresh and sweet. Match very well their tagline ‘our salad are made to order, eat fresh’ Highly recommended!!

2017-07-22-18-13-39Cajun chicken burger – The chicken is fried. The french fries is fried. The bun is soft but still consider as dry food. Overall the whole impression of this dish is dry. Despite of that, the taste vice is good.

2017-07-22-18-18-22This tiny little devil never fail to impress me. It was super duper delicious. It giving you few mixtures of feeling. You can feel the soft, cream, crunchy, hard and chocolate filling in your mouth. Satisfaction up to the max!!

2017-07-22-17-58-21Nothing can be better then sitting down enjoying a cup of hot TWG tea =)