Another cafe under owl. This time, the place is more spacious and more crowded. However it made the whole place like in a market. The sound of people talking, laughing is everywhere. I guess its because the place is more like a big hall with high ceiling and glass wall. If you looking for a more relax and silent place, the owl cafe in Jalil Link will be the best choice.

2017-09-14-13-01-30Mushroom Carbonara – I love they use raw mushroom. Soft and smooth texture. Perfectly match with the spaghetti. Not a creamy type of carbonara but it still taste nice. Not much of chef will thought of using this raw mushroom. I guess this is the reason why it stand out ampng other cafe carbonara.

2017-09-14-12-58-05Creamy Seafood Pasta – This is more local delight since they using curry leaf. They also provide 2 choices: mild or spicy. I chose spicy but not spicy also for me =p Its bit oily. Still can give it a try =)

2017-09-14-12-59-05Mixed fries – Combine of sweet potato and french fries and seasoning with sea salt.

2017-09-14-12-59-49Salted caramel dark chocolate cake – I love chocolate a lot! Lovely cake(~ ^3^~)

2017-09-14-13-00-36David waffle – The waffle is well done. When you bite it, you can feel the crispy texture, follow by soft in the middle. Together with the melting vanilla ice cream.. Wow, what a wonderful life i have! o(> , <)o Hmm.. I wondering why they give peanut sauce?

2017-09-14-12-57-19Prana Chai Latte – Exotic drink. Super unique. Never expected spices can be use in latte! It gives me a feeling, i drinking an indian beverage. Somehow it did give me some surprise =p If you have bored with those normal beverage, i highly recommend to order this. Let’s it be your eye opening day =)





There was so many restaurant in this mall and i get attracted by this large wooden shelve at the entrance. The menu is put on the shelve. So i flip the menu and i get attracted by the menu photo. No need to further said, i’m already get myself a table. I love the staff here. Their service here is excellent. ^0^

2017-09-11-12-52-02Red kettle dutch baby – It’s another version of big breakfast. It consist of homemade sausage, sunny egg, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, salad and 1 slice of bread. The only different is this serve in a hot pan and based with something taste like bread pudding. It’s soft and taste bit sweet and have egg aroma. Something unique. The homemade sausage is delicious.

2017-09-11-12-50-15Cajun prawn pork burger – This is a funny dish with just a 2 tiny prawn on top of bacon =_=’ It doesn’t make any different. Better just pork burger without the prawn or maybe the prawn as side dish with the salad. Nevertheless, the pork patty did bring up some light to the course. Soft and juicy patty. I quite like it.

2017-09-11-12-53-10Baby Lobster angel hair – It make me think twice, am I eating aglio olio? It taste almost 90% same except this have baby lobster. It taste so-so. Nothing to shout of.

2017-09-11-12-54-14Red kettle special – It’s a vietnamese coffee. For me, it taste bitter. Very strong caffeine. The foam on top, it taste like maltose. Smooth, sweet and creamy. In the menu, it mention it contain egg. I guess that’s the reason its special. When blend together, it made the drink perfect.


A hidden gem chinese restaurant located in another side of ss2. I really surprised that still have such a great restaurant that serve traditional dish.

2017-09-05-12-51-20Sharkfin mee sua tow – Their signature dish. Nothing to can be compete.  It is a thick broth similar like shark fin soup but this consist of so much  ingredients inside. It have fish slices, prawn, crab meat, mushroom, scallop, mee sua, vege shark fin, egg and chicken broth. One slurp down to the stomach, mmmm full with heart warming soup. Super Delicious. Highly recommended

2017-09-05-12-49-54Octopus – Simple and easy dish. Boil till cook. That’s it. Fresh and springy octopus. Really springy. Love the feeling bouncing in my mouth. Doi Doi. Haha.

2017-09-05-12-51-473 taste oyster – Another highlight of the day. Super fresh soft oyster. The sauce is very unique. Bit spicy. Bit sweet. The sauce is quite match with the mee sua soup. Try it. Its totally different taste. =)

2017-09-05-12-53-00Teow Chew yam paste – Don’t judge the food by the picture. It may not look attractive. Once you taste it, you never trust your eyes anymore. It’s warm, sweet and yam-my. Hard to find such traditional food in the city. Highly recommend!!


Hidden gem in the big busy city Petaling Jaya! Small humble shop located below old flat. Parking space is really limited here. Advisedable to carpool or use uber/grab.

2017-08-28-12-46-07Steam half kampung chicken – Kampung chicken is well known for the tenderness of the meat and also it taste better than normal chicken. The chicken skin is springy and tender, you feel like eating jelly instead of chicken skin. The texture is smooth and tender. I love their special soy sauce too =)

2017-08-28-12-48-46Bean sprouts – When you came to eat traditional steam chicken, bean sprouts is a must! Bean sprouts from Ipoh is the best. Big and thick sprouts. Refreshing =)

2017-08-28-12-47-49KueyTeow Soup – The portion is big for 1 person. The soup is clear and the flavor is just nice. It’s not oily and i finished the whole soup. I don’t feel thirsty after that.  I guess they really use chicken bone to boil the soup rather than use seasoning stock.

2017-08-29-13-26-36Chicken gizzard and liver – Exotic food. Chicken internal organ boiled to cook and mixed with special soy sauce. I personally not really know how to enjoy this dish.

2017-08-28-12-49-55Fishball and meatball soup – Homemade fish ball. The texture is soft. Its like eating a fish paste. I prefer springy type of fishball. Meatball is texture is better than fishball. At least, you can feel that you are biting a meatball and not eating a meat paste. This dish is a not up to my satisfaction.





Thanks to the crowded restaurant, only we able to dine in this restaurant. Never knew that the food here is delicious and price is worth for the value.

2017-08-28-12-58-55Claypot Chicken rice with chinese sausage – Don’t ever judge by the cover. If you haven’t try it, don’t made an assumption on it. Once you try it, you will not regret. The soy sauce they use is very simple. The chicken also marinated deeply with their special sauce. It’s soft, juicy and tasty. When you stir rice in the hot claypot, the aroma activated my hunger. Super delicious! Highly recommended o(>v<)o

2017-08-28-12-58-03Yellow wine chicken egg noodle – The wine taste is sooooo strong!! Body heat shoot up after eat this. Sweat =_=’  If you really like yellow wine, you definitely will fall in love with it. Handle with cautious. Warning, handle with cautios. Haha