Petaling Street Part3

6. Nasi Briyani Tajudin. Location refer to map. The bast rice in town. Cheapest in town. Only RM5 and you will fully satisfied with the rice, chicken and sauce. Highly recommended eat with hand rather than using spoon. You will have different kind of feeling.

7. Loa Yau Kee Porridge. Only operate at night. Morning the stall will be selling famus beef noodle. I like their white porridge very much. Its tasty and smooth. Plus their serve the ingredient separately. If you ask for fish porridge, you will get 1 plate of raw fish slices. The best part is cheap. RM5~6 only.

8. Ka Ka Steam Rice and steam soup. Another fantastic backlane food stall. Opposite KL Segi College. Have lot of variety you can choose. I like the yam pork rice. Really sticky and yummy. Mui Choy pork also nice. The price also below RM5. Cheap and nice. Further down in the same lane, there’s anothere stall that have steam herb chicken thigh and vinegar pork soup. Seriously, the taste is amazing. I’m not sure whether its bcause i’m hungry or the environment but the food there is really deliciou! Better check out this lane before it gone.

If you are walking along this are, please walk to the small lane in between the old shop. You will found lot of wonderful food. Morning and afternnon will have different stall as well.


Author: piepieapple

Round round potato couldn't live without food. Without food around, life is nothing for me...

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