1. Its located beside market and behind Pak Peng building. One row of hawker stall. Famous with yong to fo-white tofu with fish paste. I never can find the soft texture of this tofu from other places. Highly recommended! Other than that you can order chee cheung fun, asam laksa, curry laksa and cendol ice.

2. Located along the petaling street, the only food stall at night. Behind it is the market. The asam laksa soup is seriously, super duper delicious!! Its really pure asm laksa and one think is i do not feel like eating a bowl of soup full of rubbish. Haha.. Most of the other asam laksa is full of stuff that you will pick it out or would not put into your mouth. This is the first asam laksa i can fully eat all! Not even a drop of soup i left. Haha.. Super Delicious!!  3. Located along the petaling street, the only food stall during morning on that street. Sei Ngan Chai roast duck. This one you need to pack back. I guess is the herbs they use to marinate and also the skill they handle the fire. The meat really soft and not stick to the bone. Imagine that how soft is it while the the skin is crispy. 


Author: piepieapple

Round round potato couldn't live without food. Without food around, life is nothing for me...

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