Located at LG 8 Lower Ground, Bangsar Village, 1 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru. Closed: Sharp 11pm. If after 11pm and you still have not finish your food, please bring your own mini fan. Its terrible hot! Not because the restaurant want to force you out but due to the centralize air-cond with the shopping centre.  House made sauce – From the texture and taste is very obvious they blend the chilies and tomatoes and cook it by their chef. Pure original chilies and tomato taste. Cappuccino – Full of milk foam and choc powder on top. Really not willing to drink it. Such a beautiful beverage display. =)

3 Layer coffee tea – Rename by me. 😛 I think the glass doesn’t match with the other utilities. The taste wise, its totally rich rich rich aroma

Classic burger with cheese – The juicy meat patties really made me hard to stop biting on it! So delicious! The pickles made the patties not too much and not nausea of the thick meat.

Jai Ho Burger – This meat patties not my choice. It taste like Indian style patties. I guess because of the pepper and spice and it serve with papadum! What a weird combination.=P

Spaghetti Carbonara – This really creamy. Smooth. Served with turkey bacon. A must order dish. Thumb up =)

Pan Fried Meat Loaf – Its a beef meatloaf serve with fried onion, mashed potato dress with mushroom sauce (the sauce so-so only) and lastly a very special house made muffin. It look like bread and taste like muffin. It really bring out the light of this dish =)


Author: piepieapple

Round round potato couldn't live without food. Without food around, life is nothing for me...


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