Grumps. Grumps.Grumps. What a hot tempered name it have. Luckily the environment is not that hot. haha. Very nice ambiance and relaxing. Located at SS2 Mall.

Cheesy Garlic Bread – Rich with garlic smell but the cheese and bread is over baked. When put into mouth it make me bite n bite. So tiring ate it. Not my choice

Cream of Wild Mushroom + Garlic bread – The soup doesn’t taste like own made wild mushroom soup. It taste more like instant soup. Not worth it! While the garlic bread taste do go well with the soup.

Olio E Aglio with Mushroom – The spaghetti is not salty and have a unique herb taste. For whoever do not like oily food, please don’t order this dish, you will hardly can finish it..

Spaghetti Carbonara – Smooth, milky and creamy. The bacon is crispy but too salty for me. Anyway, its still a must try dish. Thumb up!

Grumps Pizza Bacon – I like the pizza base! It is soft and thin and bit of crispy. If the bacon is not too salty, it will definitely perfect! Thumb up!

Quiche Lorraine – Freshly baked with a layer of cheese, egg, bacon, ham and lastly a thin layer of pie base. Definitely its not a miss-out dish to feed your lovely tummy

Spinach Quiche – Why they can baked such a rich spinach without any taste of strong green. I love it so much! The outlook really give me a yuck to taste it but once put into mouth, hardly can stop it =)

Sausage Platter – 5 different family sausages + 1 golden relative marsh potato + 1 side bushes. Haha. Not much surprising. Normal dish.

Roast Pork Roll & Jumbo Sausage – Wow, I love the side dish preserved purple cabbage and onion instead of the main pork. Haha. Anyway, the pork texture just nice, soft, plain and yummy yummy! Nice~ Must order =)

Chicken Cordon Bleu – Must Try! Must Try! Very delicious and surprising. Especially the time you cut the the chicken, the melting cheese flow out and the smoke of smell burst out from the chicken blanket. Nice~~ Thumb up!!

Apple Crumble – I love apple dessert. Sour and sweet. Crunchy and soft. Bite and bit. Never get enough with it =)

Lastly a chocolate brownie as my friend birthday cake~~ Yummy yummy. Hot melting chocolate on top of the brownie and cold vanilla ice-cream. Hot and cold. Perfectly nice =)


Author: piepieapple

Round round potato couldn't live without food. Without food around, life is nothing for me...

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