Just need to mention Cheang Kee Restaurant. in Nibong Tebal, you will get the direction. Nibong Tebal is a very small town. This restaurant seen to be a very famous shop. Lot of people waiting for table when we reach there. The wait is worth it, I’m telling you =)

Steam octopus with peanut chili sauce. Don’t judge by it look. Its very very delicious. Such a simple dish, but can be so delicious. Really salute them. Highly recommended !

This another highlight. Fried “Hao Choe”. Made of minced pork and prawn paste. Roll with bean curb skin. Deep fried it. The texture is so crispy. Dip with the peanut chili sauce. Wow, the feeling is unexplained. Please order this dish and you noe wgat I’m trying to say here. hah =)

Teo Chow steam pompret fish. hmm.. normal, nothing special bout this dish

Fried soy prawn. Fresh live prawn. Crispy and the taaste just nice. Worth to order~

Chay siew yuk. Got chiew yuk, fish cake, vege.. The taste so-so


Author: piepieapple

Round round potato couldn't live without food. Without food around, life is nothing for me...

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